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AIRY3D is a startup bringing three dimensions to pictures. Their suite of passive light field recovery technologies ensures that AIRY3D powered cameras aren't held hostage by autofocus, all without sacrificing battery life or image quality.
We are a vertically-integrated ocean exploration company developing proprietary robotics and software to quickly and cheaply explore the entirety of the Earth’s oceans on a scale not possible with today’s technology. We offer subsea survey services (Hydro, Geo, UXO, etc.) as well as paired cloud & local software to effectively store, process and make sense of your organization's subsea data.
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Foxtrot is redefining convenience for the modern consumer, marrying the best of neighborhood retail and e-commerce technology to create a community of discovery. Our storefronts offer the most-loved aspects of neighborhood cafés, and you can turn to the Foxtrot App or website for 30-minute delivery and 5-minute pick up of a city’s best goods – from local beers and fine wines to chef-prepared meals and everyday essentials. We also offer the best of our favorite foods, goods and curated gifts available for nationwide shipping via Foxtrot Anywhere.
Hedgehog produces fungi precisely and efficiently. We're automating away labor, optimizing grow conditions, and integrating sensors and controls throughout. First, we're growing gourmet mushrooms for significantly lower cost.
Iron Ox is dedicated to addressing some of the most significant issues in food security, now and in the future. We’re focused on sustainable, scalable food production for a changing climate and an ever growing population.
Light Field Lab is building the world’s most innovative holographic ecosystem. The company was founded in 2017 by Jon Karafin, Brendan Bevensee, and Ed Ibe, with the single mission to enable a holographic future by building upon the founders’ collective expertise of light field technology innovation. Based in San Jose, CA, Light Field Lab is backed by top-tier venture firms including Khosla Ventures.
More Labs is a dietary supplement that helps the body's natural detoxification process after a crazy night out.
We’re on a mission to inspire the world to give by helping nonprofits easily accept stock and cryptocurrency donations.
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Pivot is a leading behavioral change digital health company aiming to engage employers and health plans who are eager to deliver elevated wellness solutions to individuals. Pivot Breathe, our flagship product, empowers millions to reduce and quit all forms of tobacco - and we're just getting started.
Range accelerates the electrification of commercial transportation with powered trailers for the heavy-duty truck market. With a solution that can easily hook up to any tow vehicle, Range’s powered trailer can rapidly ease the transition to electrification and meet its commercial partners’ immediate needs and long-term ambitions. Range was founded in 2021 by a team of electrification experts responsible for multiple EV industry “firsts.”
Reshape Biotech builds lab robots that automate the everyday tasks of microbiologists, from filling plates to analyzing images.
ROAM is a San Francisco-based robotics company that is developing mobility through is powered orthotics, known as exoskeletons.